The Top Reasons Why You Need To Have An Engagement Photography Session

Over the past few years, engagement photos (also known as pre-wedding sessions, e-sessions, love stories sessions) have become quite common among couples about to get married. There are many benefits to having an engagement session in that short period before you get married.  Here are the top reasons and benefits to have an engagement photo session.

Top Reasons to have an engagement photo session done, before booking your wedding photographer. By West Midlands Wedding Photographer, Lisa Lander

1. Great Wedding images 

Getting your engagement photos done helps you get comfortable in front of the camera. One of the most common statements I hear as a professional photographer is that couples tend to be nervous and self-conscious in front of a camera. It can be uncomfortable and awkward to stand and hold a pose in front of a camera. How you feel in front of the camera will show in your photos. 

This time is also important to get to know your wedding photographer, learn how they will capture your photos and if you like their style. An engagement session with your potential wedding photographer will yield beautiful images that will be family heirloom and can be used for save the dates, announcements, or social media posts. 

Top reasons to have an engagement photo session, by west midlands wedding photographer, Lisa Lander.

2. Create a stronger relationship with your wedding photographer

As stated in the previous point, this gives you a chance to build a relationship with your wedding photographer. Most engagement sessions last at least a 1-2 hours and give you plenty of time to get to know and talk with your photographer. 

Top reasons to have an engagement photo session by West Midlands Wedding Photographer, Lisa Lander. Same-sex engagement photos

3. Understanding posing as a couple

During your engagement photo session you will learn how the photographer will pose and set the scene for your photos. A good photographer will not pose you and have you hold it for minutes while you awkwardly hold a kiss all the while the photography tries to find an angle. A lot of the “posing” is more instruction about interacting with each other. I attempt to capture natural reactions and situations by having couples interacting with each other than with the photographer. 

Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos - Top reasons to have an engagement session, by West Midlands Wedding Photographer, Lisa Lander

4. Celebrate this short time that you are engaged

The time between when he asked the question to the actual day you both say “I do”, is a period of transition that is short. This is the time to just take a breath and enjoy your engagement. 

5. Improve wedding day imagery

Wedding photography is expensive. The finished product wont be done until well after the wedding. Having an engagement session reduces the risk and stress. It allows you to gain an understanding of the type of imagery that will be created.

Whatever the reasons, having an engagement photo session is an additional perk most wedding photographers offer. Take a look at local photographers near you and find out if they include engagement sessions with packages.

Is there any other reasons an engagement session would be beneficial? I’d love to hear your thoughts.