Lisa Lander Photography
Lisa Lander Photography
West Midlands & UK Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer
Birmingham wedding photographer

Hi! I’m Lisa!

Wedding photographer and coffee lover

My name is Lisa Lander and I am a West Midlands wedding photographer specializing in wedding, engagement photography for joyful & carefree couples.

I am your bubbly, overly excited, joyful wedding photographer (100% Canadian accent and all). My photography style is bright, colourful and full of joy and emotions.

When choosing a wedding photographer it is important that you make the right decision as your wedding photographer is probably the only vendor who will be with you all day through all the moments. It is important to trust and get along with your wedding photographer.

I provide my clients with more than just photos, we provide them with an experience.  I am completely invested in each of my couples, from the very initial meeting, to the wedding day and beyond.

Take a look through my website and see for yourself!


Fun Facts about me

  • I have a soft spot for Cats. I own four of them and they are my babies and completely spoiled. I flew them all the way from Canada as I didn’t want to be parted from them.

  • I love to coffee, like too much (which might explain all the extra energy I have at times).

  • I am a registered nurse by training, but working with couples is my passion.

  • I LOVE F.R.I.E.N.D.S! So much so I make well-timed bad puns in my everyday conversation.

  • I have an accent, or well in the UK I do! Ive had people think I am from Ireland or Australia, but it’s 100% Canadian.

  • I am married to my hunny of 11 years (married for 4). He’s my rock and always laughs at my sense of humour and wit! He always lets me think I am right, even when I am only a little.