The Most Important Things You Need To Do After You Get Engaged

Engaged couple during their engagement session by west midlands wedding photographer Lisa Lander Photography

by WEst midlands wedding photographer - Lisa Lander

What To Do After You Get Engaged!

You’ve just got engaged, congrats! Now what do you do right after you get engaged? Here are our top things to do right after you say yes!

Take A Breather

This is the time to take a deep breathe and just enjoy being engaged. Once you are married, you will be married for the rest of your life, but you are only engaged this one time. Take time to savour it and enjoy each other’s company.

Think About A Date

Since most of the desirable wedding dates and venues get booked up far in advance it is a good idea to sit down and decide a date. Look at what is realistic and what works for both of your budgets and schedule. Once you have a tentative date, start your research of wedding venues.

Decide your wedding location

This is where you decide if you want to elope to a little Greek Island, or get married close to the town you live in. This will be important step before you look at dates and venues as it will determine where you will start your venue search.

Choose a wedding date

Now that you have your location, you can set a your wedding date. Be aware that this might be a tentative date dependent on venue availability and other variables. I would suggest picking your top 3 dates and then from there you can give these dates to your venue choice.

Research Wedding Venues

Once you have a “tentative date” start looking at and researching your dream venues. Are you looking to have a small wedding o big? Most venues have an extensive online presence and can be easily researched via the internet. Most venues have a coordinator so contact them and set up an appointment and ask questions.

Determine Your Wedding Guest Size

Sit down and outline a rough size for your wedding guest list. Do you want a small wedding or big wedding? This will effect the venue, other vendors and most of all your wedding budget. Know that this is a draft list, and you can always fine tune it at a later time.

Discuss a Budget

Now this is a controversial subject. This is the time to sit down and have a serious talk with your sweetie and decided a range for your wedding budget. Know that most couples will automatically go over their wedding budget, so be realistic and define a range that works for the both of you.

Gather Inspiration

Create a Pinterest board, Google Doc, save photos on Instagram, or create a folder on your computer to compile imagery of your favourite wedding elements. Keep it to yourself just for organizational purposes, or share with your wedding planner, mom, friends, fiancé, and whoever else to view and contribute.

book Your Wedding Photographer & High Quality Vendors

Once you have a date and venue lined up research and book other vendors. Wedding photographers are normally the 2nd or 3rd vendor you would book as many fill up 12-24 months in advance. Once you have booked your wedding photographer you can then set a date for your engagement photos! Read more on the top reasons to have engagement photos taken.

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