What To Wear To For Your Engagement Photos

Wondering what to wear for your engagement photos? Many couples are concerned over what exactly they should wear. Before you worry too much, there are dozens of great articles that can help you narrow down outfits.

What to wear for your engagement photos by west midlands photographer, Lisa Lander. summer outfit ideas

It comes down to several factors, one of the most important is the season when your engagement photos are taking place. Personally, I like to schedule more time for these shoots, that way I do not have to watch the clock.

Often brides like to dress up for the first part of the engagement photography shoot and then move to a more comfortable outfit and look. It is totally your choice. Seasons are important, so keep in mind what the season and weather is like in your area.

Be Comfortable

The most important thing is to be comfortable in the outfits that you are going to wear. Know what suite you and your body type.

Love Yourself- and Your Body

Love all your features, you were born this way and its part of you.  Highlight what you think are your best areas are and let your photographer know if you want those highlights focused on more. If there is a part of your body you are not very fond of, and you don’t want them front and centre. Communicate this to your photographer. I want you both to look and feel good. There are many tips we can help with to make you look your best.


Just a few quick points on layering. Layering can be a lifesaver. First, they keep you warm and allow you too cool down if needed, and two they can complete a good outfit. The weather in can vary depending on your location, so by layering you will be prepared for anything no matter what the conditions. Adding a cardigan, sweater, vest or blazer to help combat the chill or cooler weather. Layering will help you to be prepared for any season you have to face. If you are wearing a dress or skirt, adding a scarf, cardigan and boots are a good way add layers, without thick, bulky looking matter.


Patterns are nice and can add touch to your photos. The key is to have one piece of clothing that is a pattern without a logo on it. For example, when the groom-to-be wears a nice plaid top and his bride-to-be wears a solid color sweater. Avoid writing or text on your clothes if you can.


There are many ways to add color to your outfits. One way is to add a colorful accent, this could be a colorful top or skirt, a colorful pair of heels or a bright accessory, like a scarf. Just like with jewelry, the key is to accent your outfit accordingly. If you are wearing a colorful top, then neutral pants and shoes will contrast the color amazing in the photos. A good rule of thumb is think about what color the locations you have chosen will have. 

The key is to wear colors that won’t have you both disappearing into the background. If the background and location is mostly dark then wear part of all of your outfit in lighter tones. Choose colors that bring out your best features and enhance your personality.

Look at your outfit in the mirror and wear it for your significant other. See if there are any problem areas with your outfit, or make note if you think something is missing.

West midlands wedding photographer what to wear for your engagement photos

Spring Engagement Outfit Ideas

Spring time can see rain and sun. Spring boasts beautiful collections of pink and white tree blossoms. Bold Colors that matches or the background or dominant colors will help make you both stand out.

What to wear for your engagement photos west midlands wedding photographer Lisa Lander

Summer Engagement Outfit Ideas

Summer time can be sunny with longer days depending on your location. During the summer, a cute summer dress or blouse with a flattering pattern is a good idea. Comfortable clothes is essential, so look at the locations you would like to be photographed in and plan from there. You do not want to have a dark, long sleeved top on if we have to hike up to a specific location when it is hot out.

West midlands wedding photographer Lisa Lander
engagement photo ideas for summer by west midlands wedding photographer Lisa Lander.

engagement photo ideas for summer by west midlands wedding photographer Lisa Lander.

Fall Engagement Outfit Ideas

Fall is full of bright and rich colours. The trees are brimming with red, yellow, and orange colors. In the fall, mixing colours like neutral or browns with an autumn colour. The key is too add colours without taking away from you both as the subject.  Sweaters and boots add some extra detail and layers.


Winter Engagement Outfit Ideas

For those who love the snow and mountains, the winter would be a great time to have your engagement photos. You can have them done in the snow on one of the local mountains or in a city park after a snow fall. Cute winter accessories are great ways to add colour while bundling up for the winter season.


Keep in mind the season and weather in your area and dress appropriately. 

If you are going for a more formal or urban look then leave the jeans at home and slip into that little black (or any colour) dress that you have been waiting for. A nice paid of heels and a few accessories and you are ready. 

One important tip: bring along comfortable shoes as well as a second, more fancy pair. This way you can put on your fancy, or dressy shoes for some of the photos and wear you comfortable ones for close up’s and in between photographing and locations.

engagement outfit ideas couple kissing during photography session by west midlands wedding photographer, Lisa Lander

Wedding Day inspiration


If you are looking to have a little glimpse into what your wedding day would be like, this is a great place to show a sneak-peek. I am not saying, wear you wedding dress, or do your makeup like you would on your wedding day. A new dress that is either a shade of white or one of your wedding colors will put a little splash into your engagement photos.


As mentioned before, if your hairstylist and makeup artist that you booked for your wedding offers a trial session, try to book them the same day as your engagement photography session. For this to work, chances are your makeup artist and hair stylist will have to be booked in the morning or early afternoon with your engagement photography session in the late afternoon early evening. As well, most makeup artists and hairstylists might already be booked for the weekends, so organizing your engagement photography session for a weekday afternoon, or evening might be a solution.

what to wear for engagement photos by west midlands wedding photographer Lisa Lander

Engagement Photo - Styling Tips For Her

Ever thought about wearing an even gown, you know the one, with the flowy material that blows romantically in the wind? This is your chance to get dressed up and have fun! Here are a few styling tips for brides that will knock your partners socks off:

  •  Buy a new dress, pant suit or outfit that you have been window shopping for. If you don’t want to add a new piece to your wardrobe then there are many dress and outfit rental companies that you can rent a dazzling outfit from for a fee for a day or two. 

  • Long, flowy dresses and skirts are breathtaking in engagement photos because of all the extra moment and fabric. Add a little colour or soft romantic shade to the skirt or dress which will draw all eyes to you. If you can, I would recommend a dress over pants and shorts. 

  • Have two outfits picked out, one “wow”outfit and one more casual one. If you can’t bring both, then stick to the one amazing outfit. I don’t want you to be stressed about it. 

  • Bring a pair of flats to wear for the in between moments and locations. Trust me, your feet will be thankful you did. 

  • Skip the spray tan. I know how we all long for those golden tans from summer, but I urge you not to have a spray tan. Although the colour might look natural to human eyes, the spray tan will photograph as an orange hue that will be hard to get rid of.