Kirsten & Larry's Intimate Wedding in Shropshire | West Midlands Wedding Photographer

This week I had the wonderful privilege of photographing my younger cousin’s wedding. Kirsten and Larry’s wedding was special for many reasons, but what made it even more special was the emphasis on family and friends.

Kirsten and Larry have known each other for many years, and met through Larry’s best man, Brian. Brian just so happens to be Kirsten’s older brother and my cousin as well.

After five years of dating, world travel and buying a house, these two ended up engaged last winter.

One of my favorite things to experience at a wedding is watching the bride and groom really realize how much their life has just changed. Normally when this happens, there are tears and hugs and a few minutes of just being in awe of what just happened. For Larry and Kirsten, this moment happened at different moments. Kirsten wiped away tears after the officiant pronounced them man and wife. Larry’s moment was as he saw Kirsten coming down the aisle. His tears of joy were sweet enough to make anyone watching get emotional. They were just SO happy… and they should be.

Friends and family joined together to celebrate Larry and Kirsten’s wedding in Bridgenorth in an intimate outdoor ceremony.

Nobody can ever doubt their love and how perfect these two are for each other.

I was honoured to be a part of their wedding and wish them many more happy years to come.

Love you both from the bottom of my heart.