West Midlands Wedding Photographer | June Goals

monthly goals for June - West Midlands Wedding Photographer Series

I can’t believe it is June 1st, the time has gone by so quick. My new years resolution has now become a mid summers resolution. Better late than never. Wade was always much better at this type of organization but here we are.

Let me introduce the first in a monthly series “Monthly Goals”.

This series came out to help us be more transparent, accountable and personable with our couples. This month I will start with our goals both business and personal along. Since this is a first in the line of a series, there won’t be updates from the previous month. Starting next month, we will look at what we did well, what we need to improve, and what just plain didn’t work.

June’s Business Goals

  • Establish a consistent blogging calendar, plan and strategy.

    • This is the first instalment on some series posts we want to develop. Our goals is to blog 2-3 times a week on everything from our personal lives, to our weddings we photograph to our goals.

  • Develop a networking system with local vendors

  • Develop our website to fit my brand. This one is pretty much done! See our lovely new website: Lisa Lander Photography | West Midlands Wedding Photographers

June’s Personal Goals

  • Start walking every day 5-10km. Being from Canada, I still measure my walking in km’s.

  • Start reading one book a month that is not related to business

Ok, so this is a small list by far, but it is a start.

What about you? Any monthly goals you would like to achieve?