Janessa and Cameron's Destination Wedding In Richmond

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West Midlands Wedding Photographer | Janessa & Cameron's Wedding

I first met Janessa and Cameron at a Starbucks in Richmond. I had recently made the decision to move to the UK, so I did not think that I would be meeting anymore couples for weddings in Canada.

I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but I knew that I had to meet Janessa and Cameron for coffee and to hear about their engagement and wedding. 

While sitting in Starbucks,  it became apparent very quickly that this was a couple who was sweet and so much in-love. They both told me how they met and were both teachers but their jobs kept them four hours apart. Their first date was at Starbucks and they described how they made it their mission to find the famous “Unicorn Frappuccino”. 

Cameron proposed at Iona beach, at the same location (and log) that they had their first kiss at and they were both excited about their upcoming wedding.

I couldn’t resist and when they asked if I could photograph their wedding I immediately excepted. 

Having photographed both their engagement (in April) and their wedding in July, it was everything one could have imagined, beautiful, emotional and joyous.

I want to thank you both and your amazing wedding party for the honour of photographing and sharing your special day !

Congratulations you two and god bless you!